Your Business Can Change Lives

Magic is mobilizing whole organizations to join the movement of mentorship. Teach a Kid To Read invites groups, from businesses and civic clubs to retirement communities and parent associations, to embrace the mission of ending illiteracy together.


One hour a week gives a child a chance.

  • One Hour

  • Once a Week

  • One Child

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    Inspire Your Team

    Share Sentenced with your entire organization to learn the roles each individual will play. Some of your members will be reading mentors, while others will be “cheerleaders,” truly making this literacy partnership an organization-wide experience.

  • 2

    Get a Site Coordinator

    The most important person in your partnership with a school is your organization’s Site Coordinator. They are entrusted by your whole organization to:

  • Be a liaison between your business and the literacy organization/school staff.
  • Regularly communicate mentoring needs and partnership updates.
  • Recruit and help manage the training of all volunteers (in cooperation with the literacy leadership).
  • Ensure that your organization always “under promises and over delivers.” Schools and literacy non-profits too often experience volunteers who fail to follow through.
Find a school
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    Find a School in Need

    We encourage all organizations to begin by contacting your Local Literacy Organization since they have already done the hard work of establishing a structure, training, and culture-of-trust with the local schools.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If your organization does not have a reliable literacy organization in your area, then contact the schools directly.

  • 4

    Recruit Your Mentor Team

    The more of your people that are sharing the mentoring experience will result in more transformation for your entire company, club or organization. Your Site Coordinator will then lead them through the preparation steps and into their mentoring locations.

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    Stay Active!

    All organizational leaders (especially the Site Coordinator) should join the Teach a Kid To Read monthly update mailing list.

    Site Coordinators should take the “best nuggets” from the communications, stories, and media and share their favorites with their organization once a month. We recommend including testimonials from your organization’s volunteers.