NYC Experts Discuss Childhood Illiteracy Crisis

Teach a Kid to Read
Teach a Kid to Read
 NYC Experts Discuss Childhood Illiteracy Crisis

Enjoy this discussion about childhood illiteracy from a panel of experts from New York City.  This conversation includes:  

Josiah Haken, the CEO of City Relief; 

Richard Rivera of I Have a Dream Foundation

Michael Coppotelli, of the Archdiocese of NYC

Mary Cantwell of Enriched NYC

Tony Kriz, Executive Producer of SENTENCED

Andy Peterson of Doxology and a producer on SENTENCED documentary.

This conversation was only possible because of the generous invitation of the Justice Film Festival ( to screen an early version of our new documentary, SENTENCED (in theaters, Fall 2024).  The film was very well received and we believe you will be inspired by this spirited conversation about the plight of children who struggle to read in NYC and beyond.

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